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Beth - Gold Coast Dental Clinic Practice Manager


Practice Manager

Beth serves as the Practice Manager at Gold Coast Dental Studio, where she is renowned for being the welcoming presence of the clinic. Her warm and vibrant nature creates an atmosphere that is comforting and inviting for patients and her team.

Beth brings a wealth of experience to her role, boasting an extensive background in managerial positions. Her expertise and passion for service excellence make her an invaluable asset to the Gold Coast Dental Studio, ensuring every visit is a positive and seamless experience for all. Serving as a pillar of strength for the clinic, Beth is a constant reminder of the impact of dedication in creating a positive dental care experience.

Dr Ana Orthodontics and General Dentist Gold Coast

Dr Ana Olano


With her vast experience in orthodontics and general dentistry, Dr Ana brings knowledge and skill to our practice. Whether seeking a straighter smile or comprehensive dental care, Dr Ana is here to provide exceptional service and personalized treatment plans.

Dr Ana specializes in both traditional braces and clear invisible braces, offering our patients a range of options to achieve their desired smile. Whether you prefer the reliability and precision of traditional braces or the discreet and convenient nature of clear aligners, Dr Ana can help you find the best solution for your orthodontic needs.

Dzejna - Gold Coast Dental Assistant


Dental Assistant

Dzejna is a passionate dental assistant at Gold Coast Dental Studio, embodying the essence of the quote, “Many hands make light work.” Her dedication and teamwork are invaluable to the dentists, making her an essential part of the clinic’s success. Dzejna’s approach to patient care starts with a warm welcome, followed by a compassionate treatment process that puts patients at ease. Her expertise and knowledge in dentistry enable her to maintain a seamless and efficient workspace, contributing significantly to the clinic’s operations. Beyond her professional skills, Dzejna’s enthusiasm and contribution to the clinic’s culture are immeasurable, bringing joy and a positive atmosphere to the team and patients.

Dr Esmari - Family Dentist Gold Coast

Dr Esmari Reyneke


Bringing a fresh perspective and a passion for dentistry, Dr. Esmari joins us with a commitment to providing exceptional care. Dr. Esmari has a genuine love for all facets of dentistry, with a special interest in helping patients who have previously been apprehensive about dental visits. Her approach is characterised by a blend of conservative methods and a gentle touch, ensuring each patient feels comfortable and at ease.

Gold Coast Dental Studio, a local leader in both general and cosmetic dentistry, is excited to have Dr. Esmari on board. We believe her expertise and compassionate approach will greatly benefit our community.